Year 3 and 4 at East Ruston Common

On the 23rd May Years 3 and 4 headed to East Ruston Common for a forest school session led by Mrs Castle.

Joey explains how our day started, “When we got there we started by going on a recce to find a nice place to play some games, eventually we found a big flat place with a hill and a woods. We got back to the tent and told Mrs Castle and year 4 who where putting up the tent.”

Noah recounted how “In forest school me, Brogan and Isaac built dens and made camp”. We found the dens that had been made by children on a previous visit and the year 4s set to work erecting our tarpaulin shelter.

IMG_3999  IMG_4005

Charlie, Isaac and Tom make camp, before taking advantage of the groundsheet!

After making our base camp we headed back to the clearing for some woodland games.

The children made a large circle and chose a ‘piggy in the middle’, who wore a blindfold and tried their hardest to point to their classmates as they crept (as silently as they could) up to the middle. Any of the children creeping up who were pointed at by our piggy were sent back to the outside of our circle. Tom and Ella did particularly well listening out for their classmates, but it was hard to resist the urge to spin around and try and point at everybody!

We were then set a physical team work challenge. The children formed two teams, each with a leader. The children watched as Mr Thompson and Mrs Pearce held up a rope obstacle across the forest floor. The team leaders had to then lead their blindfolded teams beneath the ropes, with clear instructions when to ‘duck’ to avoid touching the rope. The importance of clear communication became really obvious as the teams made their way beneath the obstacle.

Mrs Castle then gathered everybody together to demonstrate the weaving activity.

The children used green willow to weave very endearing decorative reindeers (or llamas, as a number of the children were sure their models more closely resembled).

Ella Fraser explained that “Forest school is so much fun, last time we made deer and we made them by weaving. Most of them looked more like llamas!”

I hope the willow llamas and reindeers enjoy their new homes!






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