Year 5 and 6 Forest School

Last Wednesday morning the Year 5 and 6 group were treated to a morning of outdoor education with Mrs Castle as part of the Forest School Programme. All togged up sufficiently the class travelled to East Ruston Common to a glorious bit of woodland, just right for the morning ahead.


Having worked as a team bringing the various pieces of equipment the group decided who would do what in the important task of setting up camp. Some set up base camp and others scouted the surrounding terrain. Once this was accomplished the first task could begin…


We found a suitable part of the common to lay out two tarpaulins and the children divided themselves into two groups. The aim being to turn the tarpaulin without anyone tipping into the ‘sea’. Much hilarity ensued at certain points but for the most part the children showed good team skills to achieve their objective.


After a break and a game of Man Hunt the children began their second task, knots. The aim was to master knot tieing in order to be able to build a stretcher in the event of a casualty. Both groups managed to put together a stretcher but perhaps the strongest one was the group lead by Oscar.


When reflecting on who had listened well and put into practise advice given it was felt my the members of staff that Henry S had listened particularly well as had Gracie-May.


All in all, it was a most worthwhile morning and the children wait in expectation for a full day after the May half-term.

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