Forest School, 3rd October 2017

Years 3 and 4 travelled to the beautiful ‘If Not Now When’ Community Wood in Suffield.

This charming woodland was an ideal location for us to develop our tree identification skills. The children were able to explore the orchard and surrounding woodland and work on their knowledge of tree and leaf characteristics.

We used wax crayons to make rubbings of the bark and the leaves and used Woodland Trust keys to identify a good range of native species.

The children played games to test their recognition of species including Ash, Elder, Oak, Maple, Holly, Hawthorn, Beech and Silver Birch.

The children challenged themselves with some tree identification games and enjoyed picking a few apples for snack time.

Blindfolded tree identification tested both the children’s sense of touch and their sense of direction!

The ‘If Not Now When’ Wood was a great location for some tuition to get our identification skills up to scratch… many thanks to Mrs Castle for her expertise!



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