An Art Afternoon for Years 5 and 6

On Monday 25th September, Years 5 and 6 enjoyed an Art afternoon. Our Geography topic this term is South America, so we were pleased to discover more about Peruvian Art, during our Art afternoon. We looked at various Art artefacts, and we began to make a giant South American canvas, collaborating all together as a class. We also practised making God-eyes, a Peruvian type of Art-work. Thank you to Mrs Nichols for teaching us Art, along with our kind visitor who led the afternoon. We look forward to an Art day, later on in the term.

These are some of our highlights from the afternoon:

Reuben: “I liked making the God-eyes the best!”

Max: “I loved making the giant canvas, it was so cool. It has lots of bright colours, including midnight blue and cyan.”

Oscar: “All the patterns on the canvas told a story.”

Imogen: “I liked learning about Peruvian art from the power-point, and finding out about Katlyn’s experience in Peru.”

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