Reception visit to Cromer

On 22nd May, the Reception Class enjoyed a sunny day out in Cromer. The visit was part of our Seaside work this term. The day started with a visit to Cromer Museum, where we learnt about Seaside holidays in the past. The children were fascinated to learn about an ‘ice lick’ which was shared around with everyone taking a lick. They were sad to learn that people from 1897 missed out on ever having ice cream or chips.

After a look around the Museum and our picnic lunch, we walked to the end of the pier to visit the RNLI station. We learnt about the role of the RNLI, and did brilliantly in the quiz about staying safe at the seaside. We have been listening well in our class work this term. George tried on the crew equipment which was very heavy and rather big! We visited the Crew Room and had a tour around the larger lifeboat at the station, costing over £2 million!

We enjoyed an ice cream before heading back to school.

Here are our highlights from the day:

We went to see the Lifeboat at Cromer. We went on the minibus and we had an icecream!

We had jelly for snack! We watched the life boat television which told us how to rescue people.

Eva put on a Victorian bathing suit. It was very long and it was very thick. It would have been hard to swim in! We saw the RNLI boat and would have liked to have had the ice cream in it.

We made poppies. We had long pieces of red tissue paper and we cut it and scrunched it up and put a tiny piece of black paper in the middle.

We liked looking at the lifeboats. We saw the biggest lifeboat that was inside. We got to see some videos of some real rescues! There was a wind farm ship that the engine had stopped on and the crew towed it to harbour.




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