Reception Forest Schools

On 10th May, Reception Class enjoyed a Forest Schools morning at Honing. We found some different coloured strings hanging from a tree. The fairies gave us the strings as a present. We used them to make some colourful friendship bracelets. Emilia’s bracelet has a bow and is silver and orange. Eva’s is orange and blue, and Tommy’s is blue and orange and made of wool.

We enjoyed finding some precious items from the wood. Henry found a stone with some chocolate in it! Henry was looking for King Arthur’s sword in the stone. George found an acorn shell, and said it looked a bit old. Isobelle found a stick which was very, very long.

We then made some clay tree faces! L made three faces, one had wool for hair, one had sticky hair and the other had green hair. Isabelle created two dragons out of her clay, with a big mouth, nose and eyes. Dylan made a house out of his clay, and worked very well as part of a team. He loved his tree-house that he made for some bugs.

We enjoyed having our snack on the tarpaulin, and seeing so many beautiful bluebells in the woods. We are looking forward to our next Forest Schools trip in June.

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