Key Stage 2 Forest School – Knots, Knives & Tarps

On the 2nd of May Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 headed back to Honing Common to check up on our trees planted at our last visit. We were really pleased to see some leaves sprouting from our saplings, and they were much easier to identify with some greenery showing!

Mrs Castle refereed a tightly fought tug of war to warm us up for some knot tying…

Next we played a game of ever-decreasing-circles; two teams of children had to work out how they could manage to get all of their team standing within a circle of rope, only to have the rope circle get smaller! They experimented with circling the smallest team member, piggy backs and piling on top of one another, but had their greatest success with some true teamwork – holding one another up as they balanced on one leg!

After all that activity we gathered to discuss our next project. We split into small teams with the aim of building three shelters with ropes and tarps… some of the team members worked with an adult to master whittling hazel sticks to make tent pegs, the others worked on two very useful knots, the Half Hitch and the Timber Hitch, to secure their tent ropes to the trees.

Mastering whittling

Oscar assembles a half hitch

Some knotty problems

Some shelters with their construction team in residence!

What a wonderful morning in the woods, loads of team-building fun and useful outdoor skills. Enormous thanks to Mrs Castle and her guest Denise Tarry a trained Forest School practitioner, Mrs Feetham and Mrs Press.

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