Balloon Powered Cars

Mr Castle says:

The class were challenged to get a ‘vehicle’ from A to B without wheels. They researched designs and gathered material before making them in class. They made many mistakes – too heavy, too bendy, too much drag, not enough power, running line too slack etc – so they were challenged again to make a wheeled vehicle. The results can be seen below.

img_0662 img_0667 img_0677 img_0664

We all designed our own balloon cars. They were made during the week at home. First we did a distance run, we all took it in turns. Our top distance was 2.5m, which was achieved by Stirling’s balloon car. We all mostly enjoyed it. My car did not work. I would like to do it again so I do not fail and so I can be successful with my design.

  • Stirling’s was made from a bottle, 3 straws, a balloon, 4 bottle lids and 2 kebab sticks.
  • Lewis’s was made out of 4 straws, a balloon, 4 bottle lids, 2 paper clips, cardboard and 2 kebab sticks.
  • Oscar’s was made from a toilet roll, 2 straws, 2 balloons and a plastic base with 4 big wheels.
  • Gracie-May’s was made out of glittery cardboard, 4 purple lids, a balloon, 2 straws and some. wire.

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