Award Ceremony

On Saturday, I was selected to go to an award ceremony  because I am the Head Boy at school. We were awarded a trophy because my class created a piece of work for Remembrance Sunday 2016 in St Nicholas Church, North Walsham.

Year 3&4 pupils made the poppy’s from red material with the help of Mrs Jones. We wrote the name, dates and regiments of all the people who died in 1914-16, from the town, on a piece of paper. We then glued the paper with all the information on one side of the poppy and a photograph of the soldier onto the other side. Mrs Jones hung all the poppies in the church above the alter in the choir.

The cup was presented by the Norfolk Royal British Legion at their annual conference in the council chamber at County Hall. My mum, Mr Castle and Mrs Jones came with me.  It was an unusual place to go to. They made an announcement and I went out to get our award. I was very nervous to go up to get the award where I shook hands with Sir William Cubitt who presented the cup.


cubitt cup poppies-at-st-nicks

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