Yeas 3 and 4 at the Castle Museum

On Tuesday 24th January Class 3 and 4 took the train into Norwich in order to look around the Castle Museum. We started off exploring the Roman gallery, and practised driving our chariot through Boudicea’s Norfolk, we spent time looking through the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Gallery and exploring the Castle Keep.

The highlight was a workshop with an archaeologist… Mina Thomson explains…

“A man collected us and we went to a work shop and we tried to be an archaeologist. And we tried to identify old stone age tools. After that we went to the Romans and we scared the Romans away. and we went on a chariot (thats how we scared away the Romans). When we all had a go, we dressed up as Romans.”

img_1347      img_1349    img_1353

During the workshop the children exposed artefacts buried in a sand tray using gentle brushes. We spent time discussing the care needed when recovering archaeological finds. The children used a co-ordinates grid to record the location of their finds. The class handled a number of Stone Age tools, and did very well working out the jobs that they used to be used for

img_1337 img_1342   img_1348  img_1351 img_1352

In the afternoon we explored the Castle Keep, Thomas explains…

“Hi, my name is Thomas. My class went to Norwich Castle. My class is year 3 and 4. I am seven years old. My favourite part of Norwich Castle was the keep because we could throw money down the well.”

At the end of the day we had a treasure hunt, searching for unusual animals and materials within the charming decorative arts gallery. Keep an eye out for ‘feathers’ if you visit, can you find a better example than those in the portrait?

img_1361    img_1360   .




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