Oscar’s Book Review – Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth

We went on a school trip to the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre. The place is a house full with books. We were met there by a person named Tom then we went and sat down on a comfy sofa and Tom read some of his favorite books to us. After he had read four books to us we were allowed have a look round the shop and get our own book. I got the book Sputnik’s Guide to to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce. I picked my book because I checked the other books in the series and it has a brilliant opening. The book is about a boy who is sent to live with some other people. Because his granddad was very ill. The book is a bit sad, but it is very funny at the same time. It is a little bit slow so that you have to read lots to know what is going on, witch makes it a little bit confusing.       Oscar yr 59780230771376sputnik-s-guide-to-life-on-earth

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